These hand made slips are cut from full size premium hand made bricks to add a modern twist to a traditional product.  We source the bricks and cut them down to brick slips, corner slips and headers.  So, if you want to use hand made slips on a project but need to match the existing bricks on a property, or you need to match a project to the bricks on properties in the location of your project area. Then look no further than Higgins Wall Decor Store.

Creating the perfect look isn’t easy. With a great choice of colours, textures and styles this hand made slips range will assist you to make that aesthetic choice for a successful project.  Clay hand made slips will be your backdrop canvas to assist in the creation of captivating designs owing to the individual character of the brick slips pattern and form.


Once installed these clay hand made slips give the appearance of hand laid brick walls.  Clay products offer a multitude of benefits including u-values, acoustic buffering and air moisture regulation.  The durability of fired clay means these benefits can be realised over a lifetime with little or no maintenance, outperforming many other construction materials.

Our cladding products have the convenience of easy installation, a large range to choose from and the benefit of online savings.  Higgins Wall Decor Store caters for different tastes and creative minds.

If you can’t find the brick you’ve been looking for then why not challenge our brick matching service.  If used to renovate the outside of a property, for a new build or internally for a feature wall, your project is sure to impress.  A Higgins Wall Decor Store choice will give you that look you’ve been after.

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