Brick Slip Clearance

This brick slip clearance category offers brick cladding at a much reduced cost.  Perfect for painting these brick slips are manufactured in the UK and once installed give the appearance of hand laid brick walls.

Our cladding products have the convenience of easy installation, large ranges to choose from and the benefit of huge cost savings.  Higgins Wall Decor Store caters for different tastes and creative minds.

Brick Slip Clearance – The Smarter Choice

A precast, lightweight & eco-friendly product.  We use 60% recycled materials that would have ended up in a landfill.  With the flexibility to be used internally & externally this cladding offers Architects, Builders and Designers the flexibility to mix traditional materials with the durability and cost reductions of a cast product.

Our brick slip products have been tested to stand BS:1881, BS:4551 and ASTM C67, C39, C567, C177-04.  They matched and in some cases exceeded other products in the same market place.

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