Cast Stone Quoins

Our cast stone quoins are a precast, lightweight & eco-friendly product that uses a minimum of 35% recycled materials that would have ended up in a landfill.  Other ingredients include high quality cement, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments, producing the look and feel of natural stone, at a quarter of the weight of its natural counterpart.  Higgins The Cladding Store caters for different tastes and creative minds.

Cast Stone Quoins – The Smarter Choice

We are able to adjust colours to buff or grey sandstone, essential if tying in additions to existing buildings. Having been tested to many standards including BS:1881, BS:4551 &  ASTM C67 our cast stone quoins offer Architects, Builders and Designers the flexibility to mix traditional materials with the durability and cost reductions of a cast product.

If used to renovate the outside of a property or a new build, your project is sure to impress.  A Higgins Cladding choice will give you that traditional look you’ve been after.

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