From décor wall art to an enjoyable way to embrace modern interior design, our easy fit panels are a great product to transform your space and an alternative to paint and wallpaper.  These panels are durable, very easy to install and are 100% sustainably sourced.  Just ‘peel and press’ to create a feature wall from any flat surface or add stunning highlights to any room.  We have designed our Easy Fit Panels to be installed by any DIY’er.  Our DIY system eliminates extra installations costs compared to other wall product options.

The Arcadian Collection design appeal comes from an artisan hand crafted distressed finish. Each panel is truly unique and is pre-loaded with Tesa tape for a ‘simply peels and press’ installation.

The Brushed Grain Collection is designed to show off a weathered grain texture. Each board is finished off with non-toxic stains and uniquely hand finished to show slight distressing.  This collection has a more tradition reclaimed finish and offers more natural colour tones.


Our Easy Fit Panels support One Million Trees, a non-profit initiative Fairventures Worldwide and the Borneo Institute.  Working hand in hand with local communities, timber and food crops are planted on degraded land to provide an income source for the farmers in a way that is both ecologically responsible and sustainable.  For every box of Easy Fit Panels you buy the panel manufactures support the One Million Trees to plant new trees.  Therefore, ensuring sustainability and adherence to environmental principles.

Our Easy Fit Panels range from Mywoodwall is made up of a diverse group of global companies from Europe, Indonesia and the United States.  With nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, our production facilities produce wooden products for environmentally conscious consumers.  Higgins Wall Décor Store constantly strives for excellence in manufacturing, both through the work of skilled craftsmen and by asking our manufacturers to use the latest machine technologies.  Our manufactures work on innovative concepts that can follow either modern trends or timeless designs.

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