Get inspired and view our decorative wood split face panels for interior & exterior design ideas.  A Higgins Wall Decor Store choice will help renovate your space and give you that designer look you’ve been after.

You can create stylish feature walls that will add depth and contrast to any renovation or new build project.  In areas that would benefit from both a classic or modern alteration.


Our modern wood split face panels are made from the best recycled timber and can embellish walls and ceilings by modernising the traditional look of wood in three dimensions.  A truly modern and innovative way to bring a natural wood feature wall into your home or business.  Higgins Wall Decor Store caters for different tastes and creative minds.

Our natural wood panels are easy to install and will add value to your interior walls or ceilings with the various patterns and wood options.

Wood panels are the latest “must have” interior design trend.  Wood and its texture are what interior designers are raving about.

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