Splash Panel Edging Strips

Splash Panel Edging Strips – White

£5.42 EX VAT

White – Splash Panel Edging Strips for when you need to cover a cut edge. The strips are 2495 x 20mm.

Cost per unit £6.50 inc VAT (£5.42 ex VAT).

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Product Description

Our White Splash Panel Edging Strips

Splash panel edging strips are occasionally needed when you have to cover an exposed cut tile.

All our Tile Panels come with a rounded edge that can be abutted to give a edge trim free external corner.  But the need to use a edging strip happens when boxing in pipework or panelling around a window reveal etc. Therefore you use our edging strip to cover the cut edge by folding them into a 90 degree corner and fitting them over the cut exposed tile panel edge to give you a nice finish. You can also fold them into an internal corner and use them to cover the join between the panels and the ceiling.

Splash Panel Edging Strips – The Smarter Choice 

Size: 2495 x 20mm

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