U-Value Panels


BrickPlus: Eco is our innovative insulated U-Value panels brick cladding system, which replaces traditional ‘block & brick’ when used with either ICF, timber frame, steel frame or solid wall construction.

It consists of 12 of our high quality brick slips which are bonded to lightweight, fire retardant, high grade EPS panels.  This forms a system of interlocking panels that can dramatically increase the speed that a brick slip wall can be covered. Our products are made using a hard-wearing, advanced composite material that gives more than the usual benefits of traditional alternatives.

To see the full selection of brick slip colours available for these U-Value Panels, please view our BBA Approved Slips page.


As our commitment to leading edge innovation continues, we are very proud of our product range.  BrickPlus: Eco was one of our first products to market, and remains a favourite among self-builders, specifiers, architects and the eco-minded purchaser.

The system is easy to fit – the panels lock together like brick-clad jigsaw pieces, enabling a rapid installation time compared to other methods.  Walls can be finished using our range of complimentary products – pistol corners, headers, reveals and individual brick slips – to finish off your project.  It is protected by a high performance weather seal, providing extra protection.

Unlike some brick slip systems where you are controlled in your brick slip selection by the suppliers range.  You can buy the panels from us and then choose whatever 65mm brick slip you want to for your project finish.


U-Value PanelsU-Value PanelsU-Value Panels


Our products are class leading interior and exterior systems that are at home in domestic and commercial buildings.

  • Suited to most applications.
  • Suitable for internal and external usage.
  • New builds.
  • Renovation projects.
  • Modern technologies are complimented by our enhanced brick slip product range.
  • ICF systems.
  • Timber frame buildings.
  • Masonry.
  • SIPS.
  • Steel frame construction.


  • A huge leap forward in the brick slip construction industry.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rapid fit – 75% quicker than traditional methods.
  • Thermally efficient.
  • Ecologically enhanced for your project.
  • Eliminates cold bridging.
  • Reduced clear up time and overall mess during application.
  • Cost efficient  versus traditional methods.
  • If scaffolding is required on your project, it can be hired for a much shorter timeframe, with no loading platforms necessary – reducing your costs.
  • Significantly more can be shipped per pallet compared to traditional products.
  • Can be shipped ready for application.
  • Beneficial for a wide variety of installation options.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

100 grade EPS core. High quality composite mortar coating.
3kg per panel = 15kg/m²

Handmade texture and colouring.

Thermal resistance:
EPS 100 U – value: 0.36w/m²k

Delamination strength:
ICF – 126kPa/CPB – 146kPa

Fire resistance class:
BS EN 13501-1: B-S1, d0


BrickPlus: Eco has been certified by BBA (Agreement Certificate 18/5513) as having the following key factors assessed:

Strength and stability: the system can adequately resist wind loads and impact damage.

Behaviour in relation to fire: the system has a B-s1, d0 reaction to fire classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 : 2007.

Water resistance: the system will provide a degree of protection against rain ingress.

Thermal performance: the system can be used to improve the thermal performance of external walls and can contribute to satisfying the requirements of the national Building Regulations.

Risk of condensation: the system can contribute to limiting the risk of surface and interstitial condensation.

Durability: when installed and maintained in accordance with the Certificate holder’s recommendations and this Certificate, the system will remain effective for at least 30 years.

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